A 3-Part Webinar Series

Learn practical concepts and experiential exercises that harness the power of the Chakras and transform your myriad relationships into an opportunity for growth and expansion—for yourself and for others!

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Enroll and receive 6 audio lectures on “The Yoga of the Chakras” from Swami Kriyananda:

  • Elements of Yoga & the Chakras
  • Energy in the Spine Explained
  • Qualities and Powers of the Chakras
  • Awakening the Heart
  • Onward and Upward
  • How to awaken kundalini

About This Webinar Series

Your chakras hold the keys to personal transformation

Relationships are an essential part of our lives. They surround us in all walks of life and are the most powerful motivators for inner growth. They are an unparalleled way to understand yourself and others.

The Chakras make up your spiritual anatomy and represent your energetic record. They are the basis of how you relate to yourself and others.

Balanced energy brings balanced relationships

Each chakra represents an essential skill or attitude. Become adept at perceiving subtle energy and expand your awareness for greater happiness and freedom.

A sampling of chakra qualities:

  • Security: develop the right sense of self-esteem so you can give & receive
  • Ever new: stay interested & creative, find new dimensions to relationships
  • Conflict of will: you may love each other; how do you live together?
  • Expressing love: open the heart, overcome fear, respond appropriately, stay in touch with what is real for you
  • Self-expansion & communication: balance commitment with the need for growth & change, speak appropriately
  • Spiritual attunement: base your relationship on shared ideals

What each webinar will focus on:

  1. Overview of the Chakras –
    1. Broad view of the chakra system
    2. Qualities of the chakras
    3. What are relationships for?
  1. Chakras and Relationships
    1. How we relate to others
    2. First & Second Chakras: Security and Creativity
    3. Third & Fourth Chakras: Conflicts of Will, Expressing Love, Opening Your Heart
  1. Tidbits about Chakras, Q&A.
    1. Fifth & Sixth Chakras: Self-expansion, Communication, Spiritual Attunement
    2. Introspection of our own relationship patterns

About the Instructor:

Nayaswami MantradeviMantradevi has served as a teacher and minister in Ananda colonies of Palo Alto, Portland, and Ananda Village. Along with her husband, she has co-directed Ananda San Francisco, Dallas, and Los Angeles. She and her husband, Krishnadas, lead pilgrimages to holy spots throughout the world and retreats around America.

A successful artist, Mantradevi paints from her home studio. Combining yoga philosophy and her inherent creativity makes for dynamic and interesting classes.

Mantradevi teaches courses in Relationships, Emotional Healing, Chakras, Recreate Yourself, In Transition, and others. She authored the study book, “Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility.”

“Mantradevi has a profound understanding of the information she presents. The lessons flow through her with grace, and she easily keeps everyone interested and engaged. This is the first time I feel as though I’m understanding how my energy moves through my body. I know that all I’ve learned will encourage my growth, as well as strengthen my relationships with my family, friends, and everyone I meet along the way.” – Cynthia, Santa Monica, CA

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3 reviews for The Chakras and Your Relationships

  1. 5 out of 5

    The course, “The Chakras and Your Relationships” taught by Mantradevi is remarkable.

    As a marriage and family therapist I have been studying and teaching the chakra system, body centered psychotherapy, and trauma resolution for forty years.

    When I started the course I soon realized that there was so much more for me to learn about the Chakra system.
    While listening to each class I I kept remarking inwardly, “Wow, How could I have missed that after all these years.”

    Mantradevi offer this in depth curriculum with love, kindness and humility.

    The authenticity of Mantradevi and all of Ananda’s teachers speaks volumes for Master’s ongoing presence and contribution.

    I am grateful.
    Donna Hamilton

  2. 5 out of 5

    Great course for those who wants to learn and understand the chakras. The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject, clear explaination and easy to understand.

    Many thanks

  3. 5 out of 5

    The course is informative and the instructor is knowledgeable and easy to understand . I appreciate that we can review the class and download pdfs.

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