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The Six Exercises

1. Walk vigorously in place before meditating. Affirm, “I am awake and ready!  I am awake and ready!”

2. Extend your arms vigorously out to the side, then in front, then high above the head, affirming, “I am positive! energetic! enthusiastic!”

a. Begin with your hands at the chest, flinging your arms out to the side with the affirmation, “I am positive!”

b. Bring the hands back to the chest, then extend the arms vigorously in front of you with the affirmation, “energetic!”

c. Bring the hands back again to the chest, then fling them high above your head with the affirmation, “enthusiastic!”

d. Finally, relax the arms at the side. Repeat this exercise and affirmation several times, as you like.

3. Rap your knuckles lightly on the forearms and upper arms, first with the right fist, then with the left, affirming, “I am master of my body! I am master of myself!” 

4. Rub your arms, legs, hips, chest, and other parts of the body while affirming, “Awake! Rejoice, my body cells!”

5. Rap your scalp lightly with your knuckles, affirm, “Be glad, my brain! Be wise and strong!”

6. Massage your scalp lightly all over with the finger-tips, affirming, “Awake, my sleeping children! Wake!”