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Stillness + Inner Absorption = Transcendence

Stillness + Inner Absorption = Transcendence – every time! This formula underlies all spiritual experience—and anyone can put it to use. No matter what teachings you are drawn to you will find meditation or intensive prayer at the heart. Learn to become ever more still, ever more absorbed, and you will find your heart-mind awareness gradually expanded, uplifted, transformed—and ultimately transcendent.


How to Develop Deepening Stillness Through Meditation

Nayaswami Pranaba

Question from Arjun: Hi I am confused about what exactly stillness and thoughtlessness mean. I read that we should not be blank while meditating but should concentrate on the Lord…how do I do this ? Is it okay to talk to God and yourself? Or repeating a mantra? Also, how do I sit in stillness after meditating? My deep regards and gratitude Arjun


How Can I Feel God?

Tyagi Jayadev

Question from ZXZ: How can i feel God ? How can i know if i feel God ? And if i feel God how do i know it is real and not just my imagination ? And if i feel that i have lost God, How can i find back to God ?