Video and Audio

6-Hour Chanting of the Sacred Mantra "AUM Guru"

September 12, 2021

🕉️ Let's chant "Aum Guru" together for many hours to build spiritual magnetism and draw the grace of God and Gurus.

✨ This chanting vigil was recorded on September 12 & 13 in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village, as well as by Ananda devotees around the world.

We continue hearing from many people all over the world about how deeply inspired they were by the "AUM Guru" chant vigil and how much they appreciated having the mantra playing throughout the day.

So, we decided to create an audio compilation of the entire six hours worth of chanting (in case you’re wondering, the pre-recorded videos were repeated several times to keep “AUM Guru” going throughout the 24-hour chant vigil!), and it's now available (on a donation basis) on Ananda Music's Bandcamp page.

The compilation includes all the recordings from Ananda devotees around the world, as well as the live chanting from the Temple of Light at Ananda Village, which started and ended the vigil.

The six hours worth of chanting is divided into separate tracks, and each track is labeled with the location of the group (or individual) who's chanting. 

We hope people will enjoy having “AUM Guru” playing in the background while driving, working, or anytime at all!

Click here for the audio compilation.