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Finding Sanctuary in God - I Live Without Fear, Ep. 10

Keshava Betts
August 26, 2021

Some pieces of music may act as a shelter against the storms of life's trials. This is such a piece. Join me in singing and appreciating this deeply familiar melody - almost as if it originated from within each one of us - as it takes us to an inner realization that no matter what befalls us, no matter what outer tribulation we face, if we can feel the presence of God in our hearts we will embrace even the uncertainty of death with calm faith.


Though green summer fade
And winter draw near,
My Lord, in Your presence
I live without fear.

Through tempest, through snows,
Through turbulent tide,
The touch of Your hand
Is my strength, and my guide.

I ask for no riches
That death can destroy.
I crave only Thee:
Your love, and Your joy.

The dancers will pass;
The singing must end:
I welcome the darkness
With You for my friend