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Greet the Day with Joy - Hello There, Brother Bluebell, Ep. 19

Keshava Betts
October 31, 2021

Lyrics (by Swami Kriyananda)

Hello there, Brother Bluebell,
Play me a tune today!
The breezes on the meadow
Have made you look so gay!
The meadowlarks are singing:
Joy’s in the air.
Come set your bells a-ringing!
You’ve gladness to share!

Hello there, Sister Dewdrop,
Linger a little while!
Your colors in the sunlight
Would make a monarch smile.
What need have I for treasures:
Diamonds or gold?
The fairest of all pleasures
Are here to behold!

Hello there, dearest kinsmen:
Pebbles and laughing brooks—
You timid little beetles
That hide in private nooks.
God made us of His gladness:
Come, then, and sing.
To cure the world of sadness:
Oh, ring, Bluebell, ring!
–from A Tale of Songs, 5/2013

Introduction (Written by the composer for use in performances)

“Like St. Francis of Assisi,
Let us greet our fellow creatures lovingly.
Eternally they belong to us, and we to them —
For we are one, in God.”