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I Was Made for Thee Alone - The Temptation of Christ, Ep. 23

Keshava Betts
February 7, 2022


Bass (Satan):
“Behold all the wonders God’s grace can bestow:
If you but reclaim what you’ve given.
Why not ask of God any wonder you crave?
Worship me to satisfy all human needs.
Dominion now over all this noble earth!
All I ask of you is: Worship me!”

Tenor (Jesus):
“Get thee behind me,” Jesus declared.
“Satan, know you not our Father offers love in your stead.
His gift of love to all is my only food;
He is all I own. What does man need, but Him?”

Then the darkness lifted, Love destroyed Satan’s power,
Then at last the Savior could begin bringing all to God.

For he taught them in freedom, wanting naught in return.
All he offered was perfect peace, perfect freedom of soul.

God is all I love: He is all there is!
Wise is he who says, “I am wholly his!”

God is all I fear! Lo! my throne of pow’r,
Shaken by His love, Was destroyed in that hour!

Soprano, Alto:
Throughout all the world a new spirit was born,
Jesus brought to men’s hearts hope for those steeped in sin.