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The Healing Balm of Faith - He Who Clothes the Field, Ep. 22

Keshava Betts
February 4, 2022


He, who clothes the field with lilies—
He, who feeds the birds of the air—
He, who floods the hills with sunshine—
He, whose love all creatures share:

Will He not clothe us?
Will He not feed us?
Are we not, like them, His own?
Fill your chalice at His fountain;
Know that you live not alone!
Know that you live not alone!


Introduction (Written by the composer Swami Kriyananda for use in performances)

“Consider the lilies of the field, They neither toil nor do they spin, Yet Solomon in all his glory Was not clothed as one of these. Take no thought, therefore, for the morrow, What ye shall eat, or what ye shall put on, For the Lord God knows your needs, And shall fulfill them, if you trust in Him.”