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Echoes of the Astral Plane - I Wonder (Ep. 20)

Keshava Betts
December 10, 2021


1. Baby Tim’s in the nurs’ry, asleep in his playpen,
His calico pony close by.
It’s all set, if a dream calls to carry its master
Away to a calico sky.
And I sit by my window and wonder
Why it’s only in dreams we can fly;
Why a pony can’t hurdle the sunset,
Maybe that’s what makes small babies cry!

2. Daddy sits in his study, and hums with his reading
The tune of his favorite song.
He tells me his “homework” seems nicer and lighter
With music to lift it along.
And I sit by my window and wonder
Why a book has no song of its own;
Why the world doesn’t flood us with music—
And why people must sing all alone.

3. Mommy’s out in the kitchen, she’s making our dinner,
I hear, by the clink of the pans,
That she’s happy, just cooking and knowing we’re near her:
Her happiness flows from her hands.
And I sit by my window and wonder
How the world without mothers would be,
And if people could live without loving:
Such a world I hope never to see.