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A Little Touch of Sweetness ~ Irish Lullaby, Ep. 16

Keshava Betts
October 7, 2021


(By Swami Kriyananda)

Go to sleep, little dear,
May the angels draw near
And with peace-dust sprinkle your eyes.
May the curtains of night
Banish pain from your sight,
That your dreams to heaven arise.
Forsake all care
As your thoughts rise there
Through a vault of star-spangled skies.

Go to sleep, little one.
Heaven’s blessings you’ve won
By the innocence of your smile.
May the whole of your life
Heal with calmness all strife,
And teach kindness, free from all guile.
Men’s hearts enthrall
By pure love for all,
For it’s love makes living worthwhile.

“The song is an invocation for heaven’s blessings and guidance on a sleeping babe. ”
(from liner notes of Swami Kriyananda's  CD "Some of My Favorites")