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Ananda Music Oral History: Robert "Tyagi Ram" Smith

Ram Smith
March 8, 2023

Tyagi Ram Smith arrived at Ananda Village in August 1977 at the age of 24 and quickly became involved in the music, touring in 1978 with Swami Kriyananda and the first Joy Tour around the United States. Since then, Ram has served as an Ananda minister, spiritual director, teacher and performer in both the US and around the world. He continues to share spiritual inspiration through Ananda music, giving concerts that include stories of the saints and engaging the audience to sing along. Ram has recorded 7 vocal CDs including What is Love? – 10 Songs of Divine Inspiration written by Swami Kriyananda.

"The power behind each one of these songs transforms the heart and helps us get closer to divine mother.”


(written by Swami Kriyananda)"Dare to be Different" (The Mystic Harp with Derek Bell

“Farther Away than the Stars,” “Love is a Magician,” “Dark Eyes,” “Mother of Wisdom” and "Lord when In Darkness/Dio Nella Notte" sung by Tyagi Ram Smith.

"Sailing the Blue Sea" (Relax: Meditations for Flute and Cello CD -


Ananda Songbook: Vocal Melodies of Swami Kriyananda