The Importance of the Guru (1 of 2)

This talk was given at Ananda Pune (India) in the morning of a celebration of the anniversary of Swami Kriyananda’s discipleship to Paramhansa Yogananda. Nayaswami Anand serves as Co-Spiritual Director of Ananda Europa.

Do You Need a Guru?

Do you need a guru? In this service, Peter covers four stages that devotees go through in their understanding of the guru-disciple relationship:   1. The idea that they can get everything they need from books 2. The realization that they need teachers to help them understand deep truths 3. The acceptance of the idea that they need the guru, … Read More

The Importance of a True Guru

As a young man, Swami Kriyananda wanted to create communities, and was desperate to find truth. That search brought him to a guru, but what is a guru? What does that mean? What is a disciple, really? Questions include: In another interview you spoke of creating communities. What lead you to the creation of these communities? You spoke a of … Read More