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Come Gather 'Round

July 5, 2019

Music by Swami Kriyananda, performed by the Ananda Palo Alto choir and directed by Karen Gamow. Recorded at Ananda Village during the 50th anniversary celebration.


Come Gather Round

1. Come gather round:

Let joy sing out today!

Dawn now is breaking,

And the mountains say:

“It’s only light

Can make the darkness run.

Lift up your head,

Greet the rising sun!”

Mm-m-m greet the rising sun!


2. Some people think

To harvest happiness

By weeding troubles,

Easing every stress.

The trouble is

That troubles never end:

Get rid of one,

And you face it’s friend!

Mm-m-m and you face it’s friend.


3. It’s in your heart

The songs of joy resound:

You’ll hear but echoes

In the world around.

Wind on a hill

Sounds lonely if you’re sad,

Free if you’re free,

Cheerful if you’re glad.

Mm-m-m cheerful if you’re glad.


4. Friends, come with me —

We’ll chant of battles won:

Shots not of anger;

Joy will be our gun!

Before the light

The veils of sorrow rend;

In inner freedom

All delusions end.

Mm-m-m all delusions end.