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Fulfillment and the Chakras - If You're Seeking Freedom, Ep. 4

Keshava Betts
June 26, 2021

In this episode we see how each one of us tries to find happiness and fulfilment through lower tendencies and desires, as expressed through the lower triad of chakras, until we discover deeper fulfilment in freedom of heart and inner freedom, as expressed by the higher chakras. Surprisingly, Swami's song, "If You're Seeking Freedom", outlines this progression precisely. Join in to see how!


If you’re seeking freedom
In a revolution,
Oh, if you’re seeking freedom,
You won’t find it there.
For once the guns stop blazing,
You’ll find it amazing
How the world can drag on
Just as before!

If you’re seeking freedom
In a marble mansion,
Oh, if you’re seeking freedom,
You won’t find it there.
For even when it’s sunny,
You’ll be counting money,
Keeping up that showcase,
Your face lined with care!

And if you’re seeking freedom
On a throne of power,
Oh, if you’re seeking freedom,
You won’t find it there.
For though men all obey you,
What if they betray you?
Tense you’ll be, and waiting
For foes everywhere!

But if you’re seeking freedom,
Cast away desires.
Why barter like a beggar?
You’ve wealth everywhere!
For never can you buy it.
Grasp, and you deny it.
Freedom can’t be hoarded:
It’s free as the air!

And if you’re seeking freedom,
Seek it on the mountains,
God’s sunlight on your shoulders,
The wind in your hair.
For there’s no one can hold you,
Boss about, or mold you.
Once your heart is free,
You’ll be king everywhere!


Swami Kriyananda: “This was my sixth song. It was the afternoon of the evening of my concert at the Unitarian Church. I had heard that Unitarians were strong on two subjects: political freedom and religious freedom. Many also, I’d been told, were atheists—or at least agnostics. (How strange, for a church!)
I wrote this song to point out that true freedom is inward, not outward. I thought my listeners would agree heartily with these sentiments. They did.”