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Guided Meditation in Nature

October 5, 2021

Nayaswami Susan leads you in a 12-minute guided meditation in the beautiful forest at Ananda Meditation Retreat.

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Nayaswami Susan is a longtime meditator and teacher and lives at Ananda Village, California.


Nayaswami Susan McGinnis:

Hello everyone. We're here at Ananda Meditation Retreat, and we're going to do a little bit of chanting and a short meditation. The name of this chant is “Fill Me with The Sound of AUM."

Fill my body. Fill my spirit. Fill me with the sound of AUM. (Repeat several times.)

A Guided Visualization For Relaxing the Body

Let that chant fill your mind as you prepare for meditation, sitting upright, lengthening the spine. Taking a nice deep breath and lifting the chest. As you exhale, relax the shoulders down. placing the hands at the juncture of the thigh and abdomen behind closed eyes, lifting your gaze up to the point between the eyebrows, the seed of higher consciousness

Feel the breath in the belly and feel the belly expanding out with each inhalation and receding slightly with each exhalation. Let your breath be slow and full and relaxed, breathing in through the nostrils

Feel that with each breath you are filling your body, your mind, and your spirit with this AUM vibration, the vibration of creation. You’re filling every cell of your body, enlivening your thoughts bringing well-being, harmony, and health to your body and your emotions.

Now, letting go, consciously controlling the breath, allow the breath to come in and out through the nostrils at its own pace. Feeling perhaps the coolness as the breath comes in your nostrils and the relative warmth as it exhales. And feel the breath as the breath of all life which is simply moving through you, or feel it as the gentle ocean tide on a sunny day lapping up on the beach and then receding.

If thoughts come, just let them go, go back to the breath, and watch the breath as it comes in and out.

AUM, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Thank you for joining us for this short meditation.