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How to Tap into Your Intuition

June 9, 2023

Understand how to develop your intuition and know when it's real for you.

Hari Sudhan speaking at Ananda Delhi, India.



Developing Intuition

Hari Sudhan:

How to develop intuition is a very important discussion we always have. As we said, intuition is a very calm feeling and that calmness which we can attain through meditation.

Reaching Inner Stillness

When the deafening demands of ego comes to a standstill, then in the mind's lake where there is no ripple of thoughts we can perceive the reflection of this moon or the soul in the mind's lake — that to go deep into meditation and through that meditation we can intuitively feel God, know God.

That inner stillness is very important and meditating on Om is a very good way to develop your intuition. Om is always available, it is not directed to specific people, it is universally existing vibration. But those who meditate on it will be able to receive and perceive it.

Applying Intuition

And that can be applied in your daily life, when you take decisions, when you take small and big decisions, when you apply that tuning in to Om, which you have practiced in meditation to the small task in hand, you will be able to take the right decision.

Krishna says that very nature, that carping spirit which arises from the likes and dislikes of our heart, is what blocks the intuition. When we are free from that we will be able to develop our intuition.

Knowing You Are in Tune

And most importantly, how do we know that we are in tune? It's very simple — God is harmony. If in any situation or in any project or in any part of your day, if harmony is absent then we are not in tune with God. When we listen to our Guru, when we listen to our God intuitively through meditation and when we act on it, when there is harmony and smoothness in our action then we are in tune.

If there is friction, if there is turmoil in the road we have taken, then we are not in tune with God. So that is a test which we can ask ourselves — are we, is today my day, my work, is it harmonious? If yes, we are in tune.