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Karma & The Yugas: Cycles of Rising & Falling Consciousness

Asha Nayaswami
October 10, 2023

A powerful new energy is coming onto planet earth, as part of an ancient cycle of rising and falling consciousness. This planet is coming out of the age of matter and into the age of energy. During the material age called Kali Yuga, reality was defined by the form things took. Religion, race, culture, language. These separated rather than united us. In the age of energy, Dwapara Yuga, now beginning, we see the unity behind these many different forms. Matter itself is known to be an illusion -- just a pattern of energy rather than fixed realities. The transition, however, is difficult, and will become even more tumultuous before the it is complete and we enter the more peaceful, prosperous future the new age will bring. The purpose of this change is to awaken a more divinely aware, enlightened consciousness. Now is the time to choose between Light and Shadow. Let us choose the Light.