Echoes of the Astral Plane – I Wonder (Ep. 20)

Lyrics 1. Baby Tim’s in the nurs’ry, asleep in his playpen, His calico pony close by. It’s all set, if a dream calls to carry its master Away to a calico sky. And I sit by my window and wonder Why it’s only in dreams we can fly; Why a pony can’t hurdle the sunset, Maybe that’s what makes small … Read More

Greet the Day with Joy – Hello There, Brother Bluebell, Ep. 19

Lyrics (by Swami Kriyananda) Hello there, Brother Bluebell, Play me a tune today! The breezes on the meadow Have made you look so gay! The meadowlarks are singing: Joy’s in the air. Come set your bells a-ringing! You’ve gladness to share! Hello there, Sister Dewdrop, Linger a little while! Your colors in the sunlight Would make a monarch smile. What … Read More

The Height of Aspiration – This Is My Son, Ep. 18

Lyrics “This is My son, in whom I am well pleased. Naught of himself remains, Naught but the true light! Heed well his words. The way he shows is My way. All who would find the truth: walk where he leads.” (by Swami Kriyananda, from the “Christ Lives Oratorio”) Introduction (Written by the composer for use in performances) “And Jesus … Read More

How to Love God More – Cloisters, Ep. 17

Introduction (Written by the composer for use in performances) “The cloister echoes still their fervent prayers. Monks pass here no longer, but my heart Joins them in memory. Softly it chants its loneliness for Thee.” Lyrics (composed by Swami Kriyananda) Long I’ve called You, my Lord, Long I’ve called You. Many years I have longed for Your sight; Bathed the … Read More

A Little Touch of Sweetness ~ Irish Lullaby, Ep. 16

Lyrics (By Swami Kriyananda) Go to sleep, little dear, May the angels draw near And with peace-dust sprinkle your eyes. May the curtains of night Banish pain from your sight, That your dreams to heaven arise. Forsake all care As your thoughts rise there Through a vault of star-spangled skies. Go to sleep, little one. Heaven’s blessings you’ve won By … Read More

From Unkindness to Appreciation ~ Have You Seen Sorrento, Ep. 15

Lyrics (by Swami Kriyananda) I’ve roamed the far hills And learned many skills; I’ve wandered on many a shore. Though often I’ve thought I’d gained what I sought, A voice always said, “There’s more.” Go sing with the Sun And dance with the Moon! Go ride on the highest star! The reaches of space Lack one special place: It’s there … Read More

A Message From the Divine ~ Children of God, Ep. 14

Lyrics Children of God! Your time of trial has ended! See where the dawn irradiates the night: Soon all your tears will rise like dew to the sun: Sorrows will turn to joy; your griefs, to delight! Children, rejoice, for lo! the Kingdom of God Comes in full sple-endor: It needs but your sight! (by Swami Kriyananda)

Inner Courage – Walk Like a Man, Ep. 11

Lyrics Walk like a man, even though you walk alone. Why court approval, once the road is known? Let come who will, but if they all turn home, The goal still awaits you: Go on alone! Follow your dream though it lead to worlds unknown. Life’s but a shadow once our dreams have flown. What if men cry, “Your dream … Read More