Finding Sanctuary in God – I Live Without Fear, Ep. 10

Some pieces of music may act as a shelter against the storms of life’s trials. This is such a piece. Join me in singing and appreciating this deeply familiar melody – almost as if it originated from within each one of us – as it takes us to an inner realization that no matter what befalls us, no matter what … Read More

Love Is the Answer to All Our Questions – Why?, Ep. 9

Join Swamiji for a hauntingly beautiful song that is perhaps one of the most autobiographical pieces of music he’s written. The tale of a young maid who searches for meaning in life, and wonders at the underlying purpose of all natural phenomenon, until at last in a moment of Divine contact she discovers the meaning of all life itself. In … Read More

The Need for Inner Experience – In The Spirit, Ep. 8

In this mystical song of Inner God-Communion, Swami shows us what awaits all of us as we progress deeper in our meditation and God contact. This soul-thrilling song gives us a taste of that direct experience which is the true bedrock of all faith. By singing this song, meditating on it, and trying to live more in it’s vibration we … Read More

An Invitation to a Life Divine – Emerald Isle, Ep. 7

Continuing in our Irish themes from last week, join me in another classic of Swami’s music, Emerald Isle. This song, more than describing the wonders of the natural world, and of the fair land of Ireland, is an invitation to see life with the eyes of divine vision. Everything in this world is a symbol directing us closer to God, … Read More

A Song of Hope – The Hill That Was Tara, Ep. 6

Join me in exploring one of my all-time favorite songs of Swami’s, The Hill That Was Tara. This song provides the answer to one of mankind’s deepest worries; is anything we do of any lasting value? Is there any meaning to our efforts and tribulations, or do all things end in darkness and dust? Using the poetic backdrop of ancient … Read More

A Heart That Is Whole — Home Is a Green Hill, Episode 5

Home is a deep psychological archetype, much more than a building with four walls and a ceiling. What does home mean, and how does this song teach us to discover the true vibration of our inner home? What is truly important to a yogi in life, outer success, or inner bliss? With this song, “Home is a Green Hill”, Swami … Read More

Fulfillment and the Chakras – If You’re Seeking Freedom, Ep. 4

In this episode we see how each one of us tries to find happiness and fulfilment through lower tendencies and desires, as expressed through the lower triad of chakras, until we discover deeper fulfilment in freedom of heart and inner freedom, as expressed by the higher chakras. Surprisingly, Swami’s song, “If You’re Seeking Freedom”, outlines this progression precisely. Join in … Read More

How Music Creates Consciousness – Say YES to Life, Ep.1

“Music is so much more than entertainment. It doesn’t merely reflect a state of consciousness: It also generates it.” – Swami Kriyananda Experience the transformative power of music to change and create consciousness through one of Swami Kriyananda’s songs every week. Discover the uplifting power of melody, rhythm, and poetry, as we take each song to heart and absorb its … Read More