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Serve the Divine in All ~ The Ananda Way of Life #36

Asha Nayaswami
August 8, 2021

Swami was a perfect example of a disciple who wholly wanted to serve his guru through helping others. What he “liked to do” perfectly aligned with what he did for work and service—whether writing books, music, or counseling, etc. In any form or work, and also in parenting, feel as though you are serving God through them. Forget not the true purpose, which is to fulfill a promise to God in taking care of children, relationships, and projects alike. We must release how we think things “should” be, and live because of the ideals that inspire us, asking, What does God want? Shift thoughts from What can I get? to How can I serve? Choose work that is soul-fulfilling, consistent with your life goals and see, How can I help the people around me? How can I give love to people?