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The Mission & Role of Yogananda’s Teachings in the World - Evening with Nayaswamis Jyotish & Devi

Paramhansa Yogananda’s mission was to help usher the whole world, with greater understanding and spiritual insight, into Dwapara Yuga, the new Age of Energy. He came to reawaken the world to the original teachings of yoga as taught in the East, and the original Christianity of Jesus Christ, both of which emphasize direct inner experience of God. Swami Kriyananda came to further his Guru’s mission, to bring it more powerfully into manifestation. The influence of these great teachers on this world is only just beginning. As devotees and their spiritual children it’s up to us to help further that influence.

Nayaswami Jyotish and Devi serve as the spiritual directors of Ananda and as dynamic emissaries of Yogananda and his teachings. Swami Kriyananda, Ananda’s founder, designated Jyotish as his spiritual successor. As living examples of spiritual values in action, Jyotish and Devi travel the world, sharing and blessing people with the practical and heart-opening path of Kriya Yoga. This special evening program is a unique opportunity to be present with these world renowned teachers and receive directly from them the priceless wealth of spiritual wisdom passed down directly to them through this great lineage of Gurus.

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