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What to Do if Kundalini Energy Feels Out of Control

  1. Immediately stop spiritual practices that over-stimulate the spine.
  2. Find a good spiritual counselor. If there isn’t one available in the meditation tradition you follow, ask God to guide you to someone who can help you.
  3. Mentally surround yourself with Light.
  4. Keep a picture of a great master or saint, like Yogananda or Jesus, and pray deeply for help as needed.
  5. Get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Breathe deeply while outdoors.
  6. Ground yourself in nature by working with plants, walking barefoot on the grass or beach. Work with young children.
  7. Lead a balanced life. Get plenty of rest and eat a well-balanced diet with enough protein. Learn how to deal with stress.
  8. Be expansive and think of others. Avoid intense self-involvement.
  9. Don’t be afraid. Sometimes all that is needed is a slight course correction in your meditation routine and/or daily life.
  10. Remember, God is with you and guiding you through this experience. In time, everything will work out for the best.

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