Do you think there is another life after this one?


The Infinite is ever-new, and by God’s magic wand of renewing death, He keeps everything ever-expressing, ever-remodeling itself into more suitable vehicles for infinite expression.

Life here on Earth is relative. Some waves of life last longer than others, but they all express the Infinite variously and fully. They all emerge from and merge into the Infinite Ocean. The speck of star dust, the sun, moon, clouds, rainbow, the nightingale, and the whippoorwill all express the silent Infinite.

Life sleeps in the crude earth, dreams beauty in the flowers, wakes with power in the animals, and in man has the consciousness of infinite possibilities. Eternal Infinite Life manifests itself through a myriad of finite forms of flowers and living creatures. The phenomena of death, or the illusion of change, is reflected in all finite substances; otherwise the Infinite would be limited and measured by finite substances. The Infinite would lose its nature by becoming finite, definite, and circumscribed.

Death is the cosmic furnace in which the dross of all objects and living souls is purified. Death comes to a dutiful soul as its promotion to a higher state. It comes to an unsuccessful soul to give it another chance in a different environment. The wise man experiences through death an infinitely better, safer haven. Natural death comes when each object, each human being, has done its full share in expressing the Infinite. The untimely death of a youth suggests that he is changing his diseased body vehicle and is existing elsewhere with better opportunities.

That is why we see the beautiful rose and the glorious youth, after expressing certain qualities of the Infinite, disappear as silent waves into the Infinite Ocean of Life. Death gives new robes to the soul actors in which to play new dramas on the stage of Life. Death, above all else, is a transition to a better land. The wise man, who has opened his spiritual eye, finds that the death of earthly life gives him a new beginning in another, supernal life.

It is by understanding that life continues after death that we seek to unite our consciousness with the cosmic consciousness of God and to find the cord of one life, one law, one rhythm, and one wisdom uniting us all.

From Inner Culture, July 1939.