Ananda Sangha Worldwide and Findhorn are collaborating to manifest the conference Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth (CCC19), a conference from April 20–26 at Findhorn in Scotland. It’s an opportunity to be Global Ambassadors for Peace.

About 20 Ananda members from multiple communities and the Living Wisdom High School in Palo Alto are going to Findhorn for the conference.

Dana Lynne Anderson and Awakening Arts Academy will debut a multi-media play—Ancient Future.

Climate Change is a Dwapara Yuga Challenge

Ananda has a unique role in the face of climate change, an enigmatic challenge of Dwapara Yuga. Over 400 scientists, activists, movers, and shakers—spiritually and politically—will gather on the global stage of CCC19 in pursuit of solutions. We are uplifting consciousness to let superconscious solutions flow.

In its 50th year, Ananda will meditate, energize, sing and share to bring joy, calm and the blessings of our Masters to this gathering of global leadership.

Four Ways You can be a Global Ambassador of Peace at CCC19

First, you can organize a livestream HUB. With your gurubais, tune into the conference speakers and workshops. The livestream package includes all the keynote talks live and workshops for on demand viewing, so that you can participate at a time that works for your community.

If you are inspired to organize a hub for livestreaming in your Ananda home, contact for special partner pricing. Build satsang and solutions together with all of us around the world.

Second, you can recite Yogananda’s Peace and Harmony Prayer for the conference participants every day of the conference during your regular meditation.

A third way to be a global ambassador of peace at CCC19 is the Global Meditation for Peace. On Thursday, April 25, at 7 am PST, Nayaswami Anand and Kirtani will lead a global, synchronized meditation from Universal Hall at Findhorn via Facebook LIVE. (Links and details will be published in April.)

All Ananda communities and Be the Change are invited to meditate for peace and harmony with CCC19 participants. We’d like to know if your community will join in, so please contact

Fourth, if you’re on Facebook you can follow the CCC19 conference page. That’s where the global meditation feed will come through on April 25 and be shared to Ananda Facebook pages.

Swami Kriyananda’s Legacy

Climate Change and Consciousness 2019 is another way to bring Swami Kriyananda’s legacy into being during the week we celebrate his moksha. In his talk, “Spiritual Communities Living for a Higher Purpose,” Swamiji said:

We are living in a time of stepped up evolution that is demanding that we change and the only way to do it is to have communities where people live together and can evolve a new definition and bring to a focus the new ideals.