The Mystic Calling

Christmas is a celebration of the heart. The holiday season is a precious moment in the year and is often celebrated with loving family celebrations and reunions, thoughtful exchanges of gifts, beautifully decorated homes and Christmas trees, festive and tasty dinners, joyful carols, hot apple cider, visits to the Christmas market, sparkling lights on the streets, happy glitter in the shops…and of course, the obligatory appearance of Santa Claus!

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Yet, beautiful as it is, some of us still feel a slight taste of shallowness if Christmas remains limited to the annual social get-togethers. “This can’t be all,” our heart feels as we yearn for something more profound. It is as if we hear a soul-call: “Christmas is sacred.” If we hear that, we’d do well to heed the call by seeking the original and holy essence of Christmas — Christ’s divine appearance on earth.

Christmas is a marvelous time for meditators as there is sacredness in the air.

So, does that mean we should go to church to honor Him? Maybe (since that is a beautiful thing), but not necessarily, since going to church would primarily be another outward activity. How, then, can we nourish the soul call and our inner need? How can we give Christmas a deeper flavor and make it a Christmas for the soul?

This soul celebration is very personal, inward and silent. It also has a mystical touch to it as the soul is deep, divinely connected and aware of the higher realms.

A soul-taste of Christmas through meditation

Christmas assumes that special soul-taste through silent meditation. There, deep inside, we can hope to touch the sacred Christ Consciousness which silently hides everywhere. The Christ Consciousness hides behind all matter and in the motionless depths of our being.

Christmas is a marvelous time for meditators as there is sacredness in the air. It is the darkest and most inward time of the year when the lifeforce of nature is deeply withdrawn. During this time of natural silence it is easier to touch the limitless consciousness of Christ within, as Yogananda tells us:

By daily meditation you will prepare
the cradle of your consciousness
to behold the infinite baby Christ,
and every day will become a true Christmas
of Christ communion.

Soul-Christmas manifested

Inside then, through meditation, the Christ Consciousness is born within each of us. That, however, is only the first part of a true soul-Christmas. The second part is to express it in our daily lives. But how?

If you can, think of someone who has hurt you or anyone that you may feel some animosity towards. When you are in touch with your soul in meditation, forgiveness will naturally emerge. Meditation during this holy season can purify you and bring out your all-embracing soul-heart. Yogananda instructs us in the following quotes:

If in the coming Christmas you have forgiven
all those who crucified your love by hatred and vengeance,
then know Christ is born within you.

If in the coming Christmas you find in your consciousness and life
a shelter and home for all races,
for all physically, mentally or spiritually needy brothers,
then know Christ is born within you.

Think also of your temptations: Is there a man or woman that attracts you, even though you already have a partner? Do sugary foods attract you, even though you know they are hurting you? Do you feel tempted to act in an unethical or uncharitable way to look out for Number One? Meditation gives you a soul-touch that will empower the Christ-Light in you and strengthen your will to resist evil.

If at Christmas you find your strong will unconquered
by the tests of temptations,
then know Christ is born within you in reality.

Think now of the fears, worries, and anxieties you have in life. When inner peace expands in meditation — this is your sacred soul-Christmas.

If in the coming Christmas you can maintain inner peace
when crucified with disquietude,
then know Christ is with you.

Are there some meditations where your thoughts go wild, but still you feel soul-joy? Then that’s your best Christmas celebration.

If at Christmas you can meditate with deep joy
in spite of the horde of restless invading thoughts,
then know Christ or Divine Joy of meditation
has manifested within you.

Think of the people and situations which can make you upset and angry. Resolve that during this holy season, due to calming meditation, soul-peace will reign in your heart under all conditions. This is your best Christmas gift!

And when you know your wrath cannot be roused
by the crucifixion of wickedness,
then know you are ready for Christ.

Think of people who you feel may dislike you or hold negative feelings against you. Meditation can give you soul-smiles and soul-love toward them. This will become your merriest Christmas.

When you feel love for all
in spite of any hatred toward you,
then know Christ’s altar is created within you.

Imagine yourself in the future: One day your meditations will be so deep that they become soul-ecstatic. This holiest of Christmas festivity is our goal. Today, tomorrow and every day let’s pray for such a heavenly Christ-feast.

When you can feel the ecstasy of unbroken joy
of meditation all the time within you,
then know Christ is with you evermore
and that you will celebrate Christmas
every moment, every minute, every day, every year
unto Eternity within your deathless consciousness.

A very merry and happy Soul Christmas to you!

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Originally posted on December 18, 2019


  1. This message spoke directly to my soul ❤ thank you. Love and healing to all ? x

  2. Very beautifully written. Thanks . Wishing you & all at assisi a joyous Christmas

  3. I wanna to hv experience of holy baba jee holy mahavtar baba jee.please guide sincerely n objectively so I can have actually experience.hope yrgoodelf will b do the needful n oblige the seeker yrs sincerely gurgaon india

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