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Yoga Asanas and Stretches for The Lower Back

Hey, guess what? We are going to pretend that Randy — you remember Randy from the last therapeutic yoga article, whom we almost sent to the hospital because he had so many complications with his back problem — has responded well to a conservative yoga therapy program. Can you guess what has been his favorite part of his yoga program? Well, … Read More

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Asanas to Help Improve Posture During Pregnancy

See also Pregnancy Posture Tips. Tadasana will usually need to be modified, sooner or later, by placing the feet wider apart. This will help with balance as well as comfort when the pelvis begins to shift and the baby gets heavier. Standing asanas in general will help improve posture if you, as the teacher, make it a priority to constantly watch … Read More

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Yoga is for Growth on All Levels

When Steve first came into my class, he had a pronounced slump, and his body and face were all gray from not being able to take in enough oxygen. He was about 58 years old at the time, a geography professor at the University of California at Davis. Locked into the academic environment, he’d never really “lived in his body”; … Read More

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Janushirasana The Head-to-the-Knee Pose

From the Kay Erdwinn’s Post Teaching Yoga for Round Bodies Here’s another asana in which the abdomen gets in the way. A partial solution is to practice the variation with legs wide apart. One still has to turn the torso before bending over the knee, so some compression is inevitable. It’s easier than the standard, legforward version, however. A word … Read More

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Insights Into Truthfulness

Teaching yoga is such a wonderful way to deepen the understanding that we are all divine. One way I’ve come to see this more and more is through teaching three sections of a 15-week, three-credit yoga class at Frederick Community College in Frederick, Maryland. I’d like to share with you some of the inspiration that I’ve felt in doing this. … Read More

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Trikonasana – The Triangle Pose

From the Kay Erdwinn’s Post Teaching Yoga for Round Bodies I don’t think this asana should be done any differently by fat people. Fat students need to pay special attention to not collapsing the underside of the rib cage because just the bending alone will restrict breathing somewhat. Also, since the torso of the fat person weighs more, s/he may be … Read More

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Sarvangasana – The Shoulder-Stand

From the Kay Erdwinn’s Post Teaching Yoga for Round Bodies I don’t teach this asana for the same reason as I don’t teach Halasana. However, the primary difficulty for a fat person in this asana comes in placing the hands on the back and the elbows close enough to the body to provide proper leverage. The strap-around- the-elbows strategy mentioned for Halasana … Read More

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Vajrasana – The Firm Pose (or Thunderbolt Pose, Diamond Pose)

From the Kay Erdwinn’s Post Teaching Yoga for Round Bodies As with Balasana, the thigh fat just doesn’t know where to go in this asana! Therefore, the fat student may not be able to sit on the heels at all. For some, however, especially midsized people, the trick I described for Balasana — rolling the muscle and fat on the calves and … Read More

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Nuclear Yoga

Recently I was asked to do a four-hour seminar for stress reduction at the Savannah River Site (SRS), a nuclear facility near my home in South Carolina. I was very surprised and excited to have this opportunity. I’ve done short presentations before for the U.S. Department of Energy, Westinghouse, and Wackenhut at SRS, but never a seminar. This was new … Read More

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Relax and Feel

Getting “The Feeling” The thing that kept me coming back to Hatha Yoga during my eight years of on-again-off-again practice was “the feeling.” I felt something when I practiced, and I didn’t feel it when I didn’t. But what was I feeling? It felt like a summer breeze. It felt like getting out of the shower after having been in … Read More