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Tulsidas realized that this “gentleman” was really a thief. But he also realized that his fear of losing the gold utensils had attracted the prophet Rama to materialize and lovingly guard the temple treasures for him.

A soul who is guided by cosmic wisdom knows that he came to this earth principally for the divine plan, through the medium of his own past actions.

Self-will and self-involvement put the devotee out of tune, and so block the flow of divine energy. Joyful willingness keeps the devotee in tune, and thus in touch with the power of the Infinite.

As we near the end of 2013, we are pleased to offer articles that respond to common spiritual interests and needs. Swami Kriyananda’s lead article, “Are Self-Definitions Holding You Back?” clarifies a very important subject, and gives many examples of how easy it is to adopt limiting self-definitions, despite our best intentions.

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