Dear Ones,

On this Mother’s Day of 2014, please pray with empathy for the mothers of the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped last month. Some have escaped, but over 200 are still captive. And of course, pray for the girls and for their safe return. These girls not only face sex slavery, but also forced conversion away from their Christian faith to that of Islam. Of course, it is possible that they can keep the love of God and Christ in their hearts, even under great duress, but once they are separated from each other, they will have very little support for all that is familiar and dear to them.

I am relieved that there is international concern for the welfare of these girls. Perhaps the sheer number of them compels us to pay attention. They were targeted because they were being educated, as have other girls been persecuted in various areas where radical Islam has taken a foothold.

This world can be an ocean of suffering, and such it is right now for these poor girls, who already had so little in their lives, but they at least had their families and neighbors and their faith.

God is in everyone, but the concept of “Love thy neighbor as Thyself” is clearly not uppermost in the minds of the kidnappers:

“I abducted your girls,” Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, said in a video released last week. “There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell.”

The laws of karma seem to move all too slowly to correct such soul ignorance, but in God all things are possible. May the forces of Goodness and Light protect these girls and return them to safety, and may the hearts and minds of their persecutors be lifted up into the Light, as well.

The names of the girls are listed below. You can pray for them individually or as a group. Even to think of them with Divine Love and to see them in Light can be very helpful at this time.

In His Love,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Deborah ​Abge

Awa ​Abge

Hauwa ​Yirma

Asabe ​Manu

Mwa ​Malam Pogu

Patiant ​Dzakwa

Saraya ​Mal Stover

Mary ​Dauda

Gloria ​Mainta

Hanatu ​Ishaku

Gloria ​Dama

Tabitha ​Pogu

Maifa ​Dama

Ruth ​Kollo

Esther ​Usman

Awa ​James

Anthonia Yahonna

Kume ​Mutah

Aisha ​Ezekial

Nguba ​Buba

Kwanta ​Simon

Kummai ​Aboku

Esther ​Markus

Hana ​Stephen

Rifkatu ​Amos

Rebecca ​Mallum

Blessing ​Abana

Ladi ​Wadai

Tabitha ​Hyelampa

Ruth ​Ngladar

Safiya ​Abdu

Na’omi ​Yahonna

Solomi ​Titus

Rhoda ​John

Rebecca ​Kabu

Christy ​Yahi

Rebecca ​Luka

Laraba ​John

Saratu ​Markus

Mary ​Usman

Debora ​Yahonna

Naomi ​Zakaria

Hanatu ​Musa

Hauwa ​Tella

Juliana ​Yakubu

Suzana ​Yakubu

Saraya ​Paul

Jummai ​Paul

Mary ​Sule

Jummai ​John

Yanke ​Shittima

Muli ​Waligam

Fatima ​Tabji

Eli ​Joseph

Saratu ​Emmanuel,

Deborah Peter

Rahila ​Bitrus

Luggwa ​Sanda

Kauna ​Lalai

Lydia ​Emmar

Laraba ​Maman

Hauwa ​Isuwa

Confort ​Habila

Hauwa ​Abdu

Hauwa ​Balti

Yana ​Joshua

Laraba ​Paul

Saraya ​Amos

Glory ​Yaga

Na’omi ​Bitrus

Godiya ​Bitrus

Awa ​Bitrus

Na’omi ​Luka

Maryamu Lawan

Tabitha ​Silas

Mary ​Yahona

Ladi ​Joel

Rejoice ​Sanki

Luggwa ​Samuel

Comfort ​Amos

Saraya ​Samuel

Sicker ​Abdul

Talata ​Daniel

Rejoice ​Musa

Deborah ​Abari

Salomi ​Pogu

Mary ​Amor

Ruth ​Joshua

Esther ​John

Esther ​Ayuba

Maryamu Yakubu

Zara ​Ishaku

Maryamu Wavi

Lydia ​Habila

Laraba ​Yahonna

Rahila ​Yahanna

Ruth ​Lawan

Ladi ​Paul

Mary ​Paul

Esther ​Joshua

Helen ​Musa

Margret Watsai

Deborah Jafaru

Filo ​Dauda

Febi ​Haruna

Ruth ​Ishaku

Racheal Nkeki

Rifkatu Soloman

Mairama Yahaya

Saratu ​Dauda

Jinkai ​Yama

Margret Shettima

Yana ​Yidau

Grace ​Paul

Amina ​Ali

Palmata Musa

Awagana Musa

Pindar ​Nuhu

Yana ​Pogu

Saraya ​Musa

Hauwa ​Joseph

Hauwa ​Kwakwi

Hauwa ​Musa

Maryamu Musa

Maimuna Usman

Rebeca Joseph

Liyatu ​Habitu

Rifkatu Yakubu

Naomi ​Philimon

Deborah Abbas

Ladi ​Ibrahim

Asabe ​Ali

Maryamu Bulama

Ruth ​Amos

Mary ​Ali

Abigail Bukar

Deborah Amos

Saraya ​Yanga

Kauna ​Luka

Christiana Bitrus

Yana ​Bukar

Hauwa ​Peter

Hadiza ​Yakubu

Lydia ​Simon

Ruth ​Bitrus

Mary ​Yakubu

Lugwa ​Mutah

Muwa ​Daniel

Hanatu ​Nuhu

onica Enoch

Margret Yama

Docas ​Yakubu

Rhoda ​Peter

Rifkatu Galang

Saratu ​Ayuba

Naomi ​Adamu

Hauwa ​Ishaya

Rahap ​Ibrahim

Deborah Soloman

Hauwa ​Mutah

Hauwa ​Takai

Serah ​Samuel

Aishatu Musa

Aishatu Grema

Hauwa ​Nkeki

Hamsatu Abubakar

Mairama Abubakar

Hauwa ​Wule

Ihyi ​Abdu

Hasana Adamu

Rakiya ​Kwamtah

Halima ​Gamba

Aisha ​Lawan

Kabu ​Malla

Yayi ​Abana

Falta ​Lawan

Kwadugu Manu.


  1. Dear Mary

    THANK you for sending this out to us, so we can do something together for the highest good of all concerned.

    with a big smile from Denmark

  2. I value your words and perspective. May the girls be found and safely rescued. May they overcome all challenges. Abundant blessings for them, abundant blessings for all.

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