Please keep this in your prayers. This is being funded by members of Ananda Mexico, but they could definitely use our love and support.

Some of the devotee members of Ananda Mexico have very generously donated some of their own real estate property to help cover the cost of this new retreat center. Mexico does not use a mortgage system such as we have in the USA, so the land must be paid for in 3 installments in less than a one year period. If the donated pieces of property are liquidated (sold) it will cover the purchase price of this  retreat. PLEASE VISUALIZE THE NECESSARY MONEY COMING IN SOON. The next installment is due on December 15, 2014.

Click here to see a beautiful slideshow of the retreat. Please send your blessings as you view the photos. This can help very much. Many hands (and prayers) make a miracle! 


Nayaswami Anaashini, Director of Ananda Mexico

Ananda Mexico:  We are happy to announce that on Sept 26, 2014, Ananda Sangha México placed a 10% down payment on the property upon which we will create, with help from God and Gurus, our new Ananda Retreat Center/Community.

The property is about 1 ½ hour from the Mexico City international airport and 1 hour from Queretaro’s International airport. It has a paved access roads that links the North, Central and most of the South of Mexico.  The land is in Estado de Mexico, right next to Estado de Querétaro, which is one of the safest and most progressive states in Mexico.

This beautiful property has 30 acres with 2 houses on it, which include a total of 9 bedrooms and 7 1/2 bathrooms. The land has electricity and potable water, provided by the county and an additional well water for irrigation.


  1. Me hace muy feliz la noticia de la creación de una nueva comunidad espiritual de Ananda. Es consolidar el sueño de nuestro amado Maestro Paramahansa Yogananda de ver diseminadas por el mundo muchas comunidades donde personas ungidas con el amor divino convivan para la gloria de Dios. Mi admiración y respeto para Nayaswami Anaashini por su entrega amorosa a la obra del Maestro y por su inagotable capacidad de trabajo para llevar adelante la realización de esta tarea. Que Dios y nuestro Guru esten siempre con Uds. Om Gurú

  2. Dear Ones,

    May this community be the start of many throughout Latin America and may it be a beacon of Light to all!

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