If you have given up hope of ever being happy, cheer up. Never lose hope. Your soul, being the reflection of the ever-joyous Spirit, is, in essence, happiness itself. If you keep the eyes of your concentration closed, you cannot see the sun of happiness burning within your bosom; but no matter how tightly you close the eyes of your attention, it nevertheless remains a fact that the happiness rays are ever trying to pierce the closed doors of your mind. Open the portals of calmness, and you will find a sudden burst of the bright Sun of Joy right from within yourself.

The joyous rays of the soul can be perceived if you interiorize your attention. This can be done by using the architect of your mind to enjoy the beautiful scenery of thoughts in the invisible, tangible Kingdom within you. Do not search for happiness only in beautiful clothes, clean houses, delicious dinners, and soft cushions and chairs. These will imprison your happiness behind the bars of externality or outwardness. Rather, in the airplane of your visualization, glide over the vast tracts of Fancy, beholding the limitless empire of thoughts. There behold the mountain ranges of unbroken, lofty, spiritual aspiration, for improving yourself and others.

Glide over the deep valleys of Universal Sympathy. Fly over the geysers of enthusiasm, and the Niagara Falls of perpetual wisdom, plunging down the hoary crags of your Soul’s peace. Soar over the endless river of intuitive perception to the Kingdom of His Omnipresence. There, in His Mansion of Bliss, drink from His fountain of Whispering Wisdom and quench the thirst of your desires. Dine with Him on the fruits of Divine Love in the Banquet Hall of Eternity. If you have made up your mind to find joy within yourself, sooner or later you will find it. Seek it now, daily, by steady, deep, and deeper meditation within, and you will surely find everlasting happiness. Make a steady effort to go within, and you will find your greatest happiness there.

In that land of everlasting Christmas and Christ-Omnipresent-Festive-Consciousness you will find Jesus, Krishna, the Saints of all religions, and the great Guru preceptors, all waiting to give you a floral reception of ever-new, everlasting happiness.

Celebrating the birth of omniscient, omnipresent Christ-Consciousness in your consciousness on the joyous Christmas festivity of your inner awakening, you will find the unbroken happiness of your dreams.

On the Christmas tree of Christ Consciousness hang your material desires, to remain forever. Give unto Christ all the gifts of love and devotion. Let Him, on the Christmas morn of your spiritual wakening, break open the gorgeous presents of your heart offerings, sealed with the tears of your golden joy and bound with the cord of your eternal fidelity to Him. He accepts only the gifts of sacred soul-dreams, and His acceptance will be His greatest gift to you; for, if He gives anything to anyone, He gives nothing less than Himself; and in giving Himself, He will make your heart big enough to hold Him. Then your heart will throb with Christ in everything. Enjoy this festivity, the birth of Christ in your mind and soul, and in every living atom.

Recipes, Copyright 1926-1934 by Swami Yogananda, From East-West and Inner Culture Magazines


  1. Thank you for His Christmas message.More than just a message;written by a true Master,therefore truly deep..and deeply inspiring..stirring the soul within with powerful,unspeakable longing,realizations and devotion..and the need for determined,longer,deeper,unstoppable continuous effort.

  2. I have a sincere question about the healing power of prayer. However I fear my question will be viewed as disingenuous. Is there anyone out there who would be so gracious as to keep an open mind and help me to understand?

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      Dear WJB,

      You can contact me via the form at the bottom of the Join Us In Prayer page.

      And of course I will keep an open mind about your question. I have been teaching this topic for many years, so don’t be concerned. You can also ask your question right here in this comment section, but I offer the link above for confidentiality.

      God bless you.

      Mary Kretzmann
      Director, Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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