Welcome to our new members! We have recently had over two hundred new members sign up to share in this sacred service, bringing us to over 1100 Ananda Healing Prayer Circle members.

We have several opportunities to join together in sending healing prayer to those in need.  We have three time -slots for now, and I am will to add more. The various times allow our worldwide members from many time zones to participate.  Practicing together allows us to go deeper into the healing prayer experience.

Tuesday Prayers on Zoom – at 5 PM Pacific Time

This tends to be a smaller group and allows us to spend more time on some of the prayer requests. Join us if this time slot works well for you. We start with a short healing prayer (3-5 minutes) for the world, followed by individual prayer requests for family and friends, etc.

UPDATE – this is a corrected zoom link (because we had posted the wrong link previously)  – so please try to join us again soon! https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82240142696

Wednesday Noon Prayers

Noon to 1PM PDT – (California time) Prayers for the planet and for individuals.  While this interactive opportunity is geared to the members of the Healing Prayer Circle, all are welcome. The healing satsang lasts one hour, followed by an informal Q&A afterward, as needed. https://zoom.us/j/490767352

Friday Prayers for Planetary Healing – 8:30 am PT

I am cancelling this Friday morning time slot due to low attendance. Insteaed I am inclding prayers for the planet at the beginning of the Tuesday and Wednesday prayer sessions, above. 

We will start with a 20-minute visualization for planetary healing. If you have a special concern, you can add it in the chat field. We will finish the world healing prayers after about 20 minutes.  If you need to leave at that point, that is totally understood.  But for those who can stay. we will pray for any urgent prayer requests requested in the group attending that day.

Join Zoom Friday Morning Healing Prayers For Planetary Healing – 8:30 am PT

Back in 2013, I wrote a healing blog regarding praying for the Middle East. Please note this quote from Frank Laubach on praying for the world; you can also read the full blog for further reflections.

“During his retirement, Laubach led a prayer group to pray about national and international concerns. He said, “It is uncanny what can happen when you pray regarding world events, but you have to keep it up every day.

Years ago, when I first read that quote, I nodded my head in understanding, for I had also seen this “uncanny” response when praying about world events.  In that spirit, I ask you to join us in prayer…

Thank you for all of your healing prayers including those offered in private and those offered in our Zoom groups.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

For Extra Inspriration:

“Our Attitude Shapes Our Destiny” – Inspiration From the Bhagavad Gita – Swami Kriyananda


  1. Asking from a space knowing one is a child of the Divine Parents feels right in my heart…instead of declaring to be a beggar.

    I have always felt a sense of contraction in my heart coming accross this term in the bible teachings.

    Thank you so much for this sharing.

    1. https://www.ananda.org/healing-prayers/wp-content/themes/ananda-worldwide/images/layout/joy-symbol-avatar.png

      Yes – It is beautiful that Swamiji clarified that in the video!

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