Today is the anniversary of Swamiji’s Moksha Day in 2013—when he discarded the worn-out garment of his body and found soul freedom. Rather than write about him, I thought I’d write a letter to him and share it with you.

April 21, 2021

Dear Swamiji,

This morning we had a beautiful meditation in your apartment at Crystal Hermitage to honor your passing eight years ago. I love spending time there, because it brings back such sweet memories of shared moments; of places we traveled together with you; and of the profound divine wisdom and love you shared with everyone.

As we sat quietly in the blessing of your presence, of the joyful freedom of your consciousness, I was reminded of the loving friendship in God that you gave equally to all. As you once said to me (really as a correction for needing personal attention from you), “Remember, no one is special to me. I’m not even special to myself.”

In the years since your passing, many devotees you never met in person have told us of the huge impact that you’ve had on their lives. As we continue to witness your ability to inspire others including us, and to guide the growth of Ananda, we realize over and again how well you kept your true spiritual stature hidden. Only a great soul would have been able to achieve what you did and still do.

Yet for all your depth of realization and breadth of accomplishments in serving Master, you never lost the ability to make everyone feel that you were their dearest friend. I remember David Hoogendyk (one of your first students when you starting teaching in San Francisco prior to Ananda) saying shyly to me towards the end of your time on earth, “All these years I’ve hardly ever spoken to Swamiji, but he is my best friend.”

There was a beautiful statement made about Anandamayi Ma regarding the “paradox of omnipresence.” It was said that she made one feel the closest of dear friends, and yet she remained wrapped in an aura of inaccessibility. As time goes by, I realize that you always seemed so accessible, friendly, interested in our problems, yet part of you was always very far away, resting in Master’s omnipresent spirit.

So thank you, dear divine friend, for taking us as little children on the spiritual path and teaching us to walk with our own strength; to serve and realize our own potential to help others; and to speak the language of love to God and Guru.

I know that you’re already aware of how well the Ananda communities and centers are doing, even in the midst of the current pandemic. You spent years preparing us: making us aware that, as Master had forewarned, the world would be facing very hard times.

Now that such times are upon us, we haven’t been taken by surprise, and consequently are able to meet with strength the challenges before us. You showed us the need to prepare not only in practical terms, but, more importantly, mentally and spiritually, so that now we can help others to deal with the difficulties confronting us all.

You said more than once towards the end of your sojourn on earth, “I no longer know where Swami Kriyananda ends and Master begins.” This transformation became apparent to those around you as you seemed increasingly like a small wavelet resting on the calm surface of Master’s oceanic consciousness. It was beautiful to behold the drop of your individuality slipping into the ocean of bliss.

Swamiji, I could go on writing about how you changed our life, the lives of countless others, and indeed the world, but better to commune with you inwardly in meditation. You have been sorely missed, yet your presence has never been lacking. Again the paradox of both your individuality and universality.

From time to time I allow myself to think of the joy it will be when we greet you again in a realm of light. Until then, though the veil of separation remains, it grows thinner. Thank you, dear Swamiji. You have given our life meaning and purpose, and taught us how to realize our true potential: the infinite joy of God.

Your loving child always,


I hope that you enjoyed this letter from my heart. May we all move towards moksha and find the joy that is our destiny.

Nayaswami Devi

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    1. In the letter the writer says”I EXPECT TO MEET YOU AGAIN IN THE REALM OF LIGHT”
      The writer believes himself to be really existing that is why this concept that MASTER also continues to exist in the realm of light .this is dark ignorance,no individuality exists. all are concepts .
      The strong belief of humanity including so called seekers is that there is a Universe,and then the world we know and in it the body and in it the brain and then AWARENESS OR CONSCIOUSNESS
      Fact is the actual situation is just the reverse THERE IS AWARE NESS AND IN IT ALL CONCEPTUALIZATION GOES ON.
      Only the onlooker is REAL all else is UNREAL
      Unless a seeker starts with a real map of the destination,he will continue to travel for eons,
      A seeker must understand what is what then nothing has to be done that UNDERSTANDING turns into experience on it’s own.there is noone to give you liberty and there is no one bound in actuality.

  1. Thank you Devi ji 🙏❤️..this letter moved me from within.Thank you for penning down such heartfelt expressions and sharing it with us all .Blessed to be a part of this family ..Ever so grateful to Ananda worldwide for their selfless service in the Pandemic and helping us all sail through these challenging times .Aum Guru 🙏

  2. I am still a rolling stone rollicking in the ocean of spirituality knowing not where to start and where to reach, but having an intense desire to reach the Devine trying to muster up courage to tread the path you all have undertaken.
    Your letter was soul touching.

  3. Dear Deviji,
    Thank you for writing on behalf of all of us. Pranam.

  4. Thank you, Devi. It is so so much warm in your letter. Guruji and Scamiji are always with me and others. Om. In Masters love. Om

  5. Dear Jyotish ji and Deviji,
    Thank you for writing to Swamiji on behalf of all of us. Pranam

  6. Thank you .. very beautiful letter .. reading it I was moved

  7. Such a beautiful divine letter.. thank you. Thank you Swamiji, wherever you are.

  8. Thank you Devi . I remember when I met Swamiji in his house in Assisi that I had the feeling that Yogananda stand near him on the right side of Swamiji. It just felt like that and it was a Holy meeting. It felt like two men were in one man.

    Thank you again for your beautiful letter.

  9. Had tears after reading this letter. So touching Devi Ji and so beautifully resonates the feeling inside of not having met beloved Saint Swamiji in the body but able to feel his sweet presence in meditation and otherwise. so many miracles from the time Swamiji came into my life, starting from his visit to Chennai that brought me to The Path. Every grateful and deeply so, to our Saint and to Ananda and to the continued inspiration and support we get from you all as move towards the Light. Jai Guru Jai Swamiji.

  10. What a touching and beautiful letter it is! Gratitude and more gratitude to Ananda and Master.

  11. THANK YOU Thank you for sharing such a loving and touching letter to our great Swamiji..
    Im extremely grateful…

  12. Dear Devi and Jyotish ji,
    These blogs are such a source of light n hope in these times. The unconditional love that Swamiji shared with all is so such present in both of you🙏🌺🙏.

  13. Good morning dear Devi ,
    Lovely and very emotional. I feel everything that you describe here. He change my life !
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful letter!
    Much love

  14. That was a beautiful letter, Devi. Swami reminded us, as Master had, that hard times would befall the planet and here we are. Yet these are the best days of my life. I am grateful to be walking the path with you all!
    Jai guru!

  15. Beautiful letter. 🕉🕉🕉☮️🙏🤗💙

  16. Thank you dear Devi! I consider you a mentor of mine, even though just knowing you through your words and videos. How beautifully and meaningfully stated, this relationship between teacher/guru/friend/God/and disciple. How beautifully the plan flows with grace when it is understood properly. Thank you for being born for this time, Devi.

  17. So beautifully written. Thank you for expressing what I hold in my own heart.

  18. Thank you, Devi, for putting into words the gratitude for Swamiji we all feel. Thank you and Jyotish for your example of selfless service! Blessings on you both!

  19. Thank you Devi.
    You wrote exactly what I needed to open my heart to all that I am so grateful to have with Ananda. Thank you for keeping alive all that Swamiji has unfailingly opened up for us. Especially, that you and Jyotish for your love in keeping me present to all that I take for granted at times. I have memories also, you gave your time to remind me of them. InJoy Karen

  20. Thank you Deviji for this beautiful heartfelt letter to beloved Swamiji.You have written on all our behalf

  21. So very beautiful dear Devi.
    Your words brought tears of love to my eyes feeling Swami inside my heart. Thank you dear Mother Devi💙

  22. Thank you dear Deviji for this wonderful letter,written on all our behalf.So touching

  23. Such a lovely tribute, thank you for sharing this letter with us.

  24. Dear Devi,
    Thank you so much for writing this beautiful tribute letter of remembrance about Swamiji! It reminds me of the great need to detach in spiritual things and to not take experiences so personally in life. It is a great lesson. I continue to be inspired by his written word, his recordings and his music. Even though I did not know him personally, it was such a great blessing to have been in his presence so many times over these past 30 years.
    Love and joy in Divine Mother!
    Rebecca Smith (Ananda Tucson)

  25. This lovely letter helped me focus on joy this morning. Thank you Devi, thank you Swami . Mary Kay

  26. What a beautiful letter — heartfelt, and applicable to all. Thank you for writing and sharing!

  27. So beautiful, Devi. Tears of love and joy flow. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love for Swami and Master.

  28. Oh, so beautiful, Devi. Thank you for expressing our universal heart!

  29. Thank you Devi, I feel the love and boundless gratitude in your letter to Swamiji is from each one of us. Thank you for expressing our deep appreciation for his constant companionship in Guru.

  30. Thank you, with divine friendship and gratitude.

  31. mm

    My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude and love to Swamiji, and to you Jyotish and Devi for being such beautiful channels of that same love Swamiji gave freely to all of us.

  32. I am very moved by this letter, to have witnessed Swamji becoming more and more the sea of mirth itself toward the end of his life is such a great blessing to you Devi & Jyotish and to all of us. This letter to Swamji brought tears to my eyes, thank you Devi for sharing this letter to Swamiji.

  33. Thank you dear Deviji for the wonderful writing.You represented the feeling of all of us

  34. Devi – I just finished a meditation with Joytish on You Tube and checking emails before taking Boo Boo for a walk. It’s always a joy to read your messages, today overwhelming. Namaste!

  35. Thank you, Devi, for so beautifully expressing my gratitude and awe for Swamiji’s continued presence in my life. It is such a gift. We are so blessed!

  36. Thank You Deviji for expressing through your heart what we feel for Swamiji also.

  37. Yes, that was a beautiful way to write about swami through your heart. Thank you for taking on and carrying forward his and Master’s work. Their energy is in you and Jyotish so beautifully. 💕🌹🙏🏼

  38. Wonderful idea to write a message to Kriyananda. He – by going his own path – has made spirituality accessible to a wider audience.

  39. The letter was was very inspiring and enlightening for me. My heart is filled with gratitude and joy for the spiritual heritage we have received from a great soul who has completed his earthly journey with a deep sense of purpose and entered into eternal bliss. May God ,the great Guru continue to bless our entire humanity.

  40. Thank you so much Nayaswami Devi. Your letter is so inspiring and so beautifully expressive of the heart connection you have with swami Ji. Thank you for carrying on masters and swami ji work 🙏🙏❤️

  41. Thanks Devi ji for such a nice letter. The following line in your letter is very true. I have never met Swami ji in person but his visiting Chennai and opening a centre in Chennai has a huge impact in my spiritual growth – in coming back to home. We often tell this to Dharmarajan ji and Dharmini ji.

    “In the years since your passing, many devotees you never met in person have told us of the huge impact that you’ve had on their lives.”

  42. mm

    Thank you Devi, for speaking from the heart as you always do. Beautifully written, a message of love from us all!

  43. This is so very precious. One can feel the true, honest, simple, beauty of conveying your heart. Brings tears to my eyes.
    I feel the same way about Paramahansa Yogananda. When I read his books my soul feels like his words were meant to speak to me. (I have read, many feel that way). This is one of the most moving pieces I have read on
    Thank you all for all the LIGHT you are bringing forth everywhere. Soul by soul moving across the world. It is very easy to read the books, but putting them into life actions (like everyone at Ananda Village does – now that’s a different story.
    Both Gurus – Guruji & Swami Kriyananda have blessed our world

  44. sorry – last part submitted without this finishing part:

    Putting the concepts into real live action takes a leap into another dimension. The highest honor I can bestow upon
    all of you at the Village is given you. Thank you for all the LIGHT. Now, more than ever our world cries for what you
    are offering.

    Thank you for sharing:- your hearts, yours souls, your lives.
    I am rejoicing for your having such joy.
    Blessings to the power of infinity for every star in all the UNIVERSES to you
    Tulip Festival Blessings,
    tricia Harris
    One Lucky enough to have had the honor of being there in living color & experiencing it’s unique Paradise.

  45. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter. Since gratitude to you and Jyotish Ji for carrying the baton and helping us in the path making Swamiji and Master real to us.

    These lines to Swamiji are very beautiful and very meaningful to each of us
    You have given our life meaning and purpose and taught us how to realize our true potential: the infinite joy of God.

    Thank you again


  46. I am sure Swamiji loved and enjoyed this letter. I loved the story you shared in Chennai Satsang about Swamiji on the wheelchair in hospital and how he gave energy and life via a simple greeting to another soul in wheelchair . We all send our Love to you both from Bangalore Centre.!!

  47. A beautiful letter! Thank you for writing this letter to Swamiji from all of us! So many memories with Swamiji come flood-like as examples of what you have written. We have been so blessed this life to have shared it with a great saint, teacher and sweet friend. ❤️🙏

  48. Such a beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing it, Devi.

  49. Many thanks for bringing to surface the bond and relationship between Guru and devotee and coming together of tangible and intangible.

  50. Thank you, dear Devi. Your words reflect the feelings of my heart exactly. Swamiji lives on, as we can both feel and witness. Aum, Kabir

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