Twenty years ago Swami Kriyananda was given a brilliant, clear quartz crystal. Scintillating with light, the crystal had rainbow prisms that sparkled from its depths. Swamiji wanted others to enjoy it as well, so he placed it in the chapel at Crystal Hermitage.

There it remained for some time. One day about eight years ago, we received a frantic phone call from Lalita, who oversees the care of the Hermitage. “Someone has stolen Swamiji’s crystal from the chapel!” she cried. We were shocked since there is virtually no crime at Ananda, but sadly thought our chances of ever getting it back were slight.

Four years passed, then one morning Lalita phoned, but this time with amazement in her voice. “Swamiji’s missing crystal was returned to the chapel last night,” she said, “but you’d better come see it.”

It was the crystal all right, but now it was cloudy, and its beautiful radiance was gone. Who took it, and why it was returned, we never learned.

When a good friend of ours who worked with crystals for healing saw it, she immediately clasped it to her heart and started to weep. “This crystal has been in a place of great pain and suffering,” she said.

Crystal Hermitage at Ananda Village

The missing crystal today.

For the past three years the crystal has been lovingly protected in Crystal Hermitage, and its clarity and radiance are gradually returning.

The world we live in is not made of animate and inanimate objects, but is a living network of consciousness uniting all creation. When we hold negative thoughts towards anyone or anything, or even let our negative thoughts come in contact with them, we are sending out vibrations that cause suffering.

Our feelings, words, and even the music we listen to affect the world around us much more than we realize. In his remarkable book, The Hidden Messages from Water, Masaru Emoto, shows photos of beautiful water molecules that have become distorted and ugly after being exposed to violent thoughts, words, or music.

The great saints realize their unity with all creation and strive to project only love and joy. They’ve given us chants, mantras, affirmations, and prayers that emanate vibrations to uplift and heal.

Let’s remember the image of Swamiji’s crystal and strive to transform our consciousness to radiate only God’s light and blessings to all.

With joy,
Nayaswami Devi


  1. What an amazing and instructive story! I will share this with my students.

    1. You could even do an experiment with your students with crystals to see if thoughts change them.

  2. This is a great example of Consciousness, All Being, permeating all things with animating life force, no matter how different, even a crystal. It’s return was a beautiful blessing. Namaste, Henry

    1. Great to hear from you. Hope you continue to share higher consciousness with all.

  3. Our highest consciousness is the clearest. The crystal portrays this clearly. Thank you for this lovely story

  4. I love your brief but very inspiring stories that bring a lift to my day every time into remembrance of how close God is in every moment and experience.

  5. Beautiful (and timely, of course) article, Devi! Thank you.

  6. mm

    These touch of light blogs are such a great idea. Thank you for sharing your love for God and Guru with us so generously. I am collecting these letters with more enthusiasm than I did with my baseball card collection when I was twelve…that’s saying a lot!

    1. Sharing these blog is a great idea. Maybe even better than baseball cards.

  7. We truly are moving into a time of higher global consciousness where these truths are accessible to all.

  8. Thank you again, Devi. And for mentioning Emoto–indeed, his work is truly breathtaking!

  9. What a moving story to remind us that even inanimate objects are infused with consciousness! Thank you! I’ll share that with the kids!

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