Why Do I Experience Sharp Feelings in My Head?

Tyagi Jayadev

Question from Onkar Nath Thakur: Thanks for the answer of my question on 11-8-2017. Please advice me about very sharp and disturbing vibrations I am experiencing all the time, even during sleep. How can they become be silent? I was doing sudershan kriya of Art Of Living, which I have stopped already. The more I concentrate, the more it becomes sharp.


How Do I Focus on The Spiritual Eye?

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Daniel Boland: How can I focus and concentrate correctly on the third eye ? How also, do I know that I’m moving through it ?


Double Breathing: Proper Technique

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from Cyril: Hi, Recently I have been having success (I feel and think) in the double breath technique as prescribed by Yogananda. I got the sensation of energy gently pulsing up back side of head and in face which was very enjoyable (like a sprinkling of refreshing rain on a burning desert!) Are there guidelines for how long we should do this…