Why Do I Experience Sharp Feelings in My Head?


Thanks for the answer of my question on 11-8-2017. Please advice me about very sharp and disturbing vibrations I am experiencing all the time, even during sleep. How can they become be silent? I was doing sudershan kriya of Art Of Living, which I have stopped already. The more I concentrate, the more it becomes sharp.

—Onkar Nath Thakur, India


Dear Onkar,

Please relax. Don’t concentrate on the spiritual eye for now, or on any object. Work only with relaxation and devotion (feeling the heart). Something has been exaggerated, and now you need to relax. The less you will concentrate the less you will have those sharp and disturbing vibrations in your head, which you described earlier.

Try also deep diaphrammatic breathing, with the intention of bringing calmness and relaxation to your system, to your body.

Smile often. That too helps to relax.

Peace to you, Jayadev