How Do I Focus on The Spiritual Eye?


How can I focus and concentrate correctly on the third eye ? How also, do I know that I'm moving through it ?

—Daniel Boland, U.S.A.


Dear Daniel,

I don’t know if you have learned how to meditate through Ananda, but I would highly recommend that you learn the Hong Sau technique of meditation. Or you can visit one of Ananda’s many meditation groups or centers.

Many people who try to concentrate at the third eye (we call it the spiritual eye) do so with tension.

In their “effort” to concentrate at the third eye, there is a subtle tension that actually pushes the experience of the spiritual eye away from them.

Hong-Sau technique has you focus on the movement of the breath inside the nose. Especially as you focus on this movement high up in the nose, at the bridge of the nose, you’ll see that your attention naturally begins to focus, in a relaxed way, on the spiritual eye. As you follow the breath moving inside the nose, you can even imagine that breath stimulating the spiritual eye.

As the breath becomes more subtle – which it does as you observe it – you become increasingly quiet mentally, and increasingly focused at the spiritual eye.

Blessings on your practice,