Anandi is known for her joy, humor, wisdom, and kindness. Almost since her arrival at Ananda in 1971 as a founding member of Ananda, she has been sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. An Ananda minister since 1980, Anandi has directed and taught in many of Ananda’s guest and outreach programs, including the Palo Alto Ananda Community, Ananda’s membership training program, The Cooperative Living Training, and The Expanding Light. She was initiated as a Kriyacharya by Swami Kriyananda in 2011.

Anandi also works as an editor for Ananda’s Crystal Clarity books. She has just edited the 6-book sereies of Yogananda’s original teachings called The Wisdom of Yogananada, which includes How to Be Happy All the Time. Anandi is married to Nayaswami Bharat (Joseph Cornell), the world-renowned nature educator, with whom she has facilitated nature workshops in Japan, and many parts of the United States and Europe.

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An Unpleasant Meditation Experience

Dear Kate, Not all meditation practices are equally effective for everyone. Apparently you found one that did not suit what you needed at the time. You mention that you were feeling extremely stressed when you started. You probably could have ... Read More

Access Your Divine Consciousness Through Chanting

Dear Roby, Chanting can help open your heart to God. I would recommend looking for some of the chants by Yogananda that have English words, which are like prayer poems. I love Indian chanting, the repetition of various names of ... Read More

How to Find Opportunity in Obstacles!

Dear Kay, Thank you for your heartfelt question. I often feel that people who face especially large obstacles in their lives are very strong souls who have asked God to help them work out their karma quickly. While your question ... Read More

Lifting the Gaze Upward in Meditation

Dear Nandini, Let me clarify about lifting the eyes: Many teachers give the instruction of lifting your eyes as if you were looking at a mountain in the distance. The goal of those instructions is not that you should be ... Read More

The Light Coming from Swami Kriyananda

Dear Ivan, Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with Swami Kriyananda. Many people experience blessings flowing from him, though I have not heard one specifically like what you describe. I cannot say exactly what your experience means. But I ... Read More

Meditation While Lying Down

Dear Barton, Actually, we usually recommend that people not lie down when they meditate. The experience of true meditation involves feeling very awake, aware, and energized, along with feeling deeply calm and uplifted. When most people lie down to meditate, ... Read More

My Life Is Confused

Dear Rahul, I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. I don’t know where you live in India, but Ananda has very strong centers in Gurgaon, Pune, and Bangalore, as well as smaller groups throughout India. Go to www.anandaindia/org and ... Read More

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