The Light Coming from Swami Kriyananda


The very first time that I saw Swami Kriyananda on TV I saw something that I would like to describe: I saw a transparent light coming from Swami's forehead. It was some kind of light. The light itself felt like a wave of peace that swept over me. It felt refreshing and it made me feel ecstasy or love itself in a way I had never felt before . Does this mean he is my teacher or this is a common experience? Is there something that I should be aware of this experience? Thank you.

—Ivan, United states


Dear Ivan,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with Swami Kriyananda. Many people experience blessings flowing from him, though I have not heard one specifically like what you describe.

I cannot say exactly what your experience means. But I think God sends blessings like these to get our attention. It’s best not to ignore them.

If I were you, I certainly would dive deeper into the teachings offered by Swami Kriyananda and his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. This site is a wonderful place to begin. If I were you, I would also begin to read some of Swami Kriyananda’s books. You can find these books at Crystal Clarity Publishers.

You might also look to see if there is an Ananda meditation group or teaching center near you. Making contact with Ananda people could be a great help in taking your next steps.

I wish you great joy in your journey!

In divine friendship,