Meditation While Lying Down


I am a beginner in meditation and I've been trying different forms of meditation but today during a laying down form of meditation I felt a tilting sensation in my head region and I was wondering was this a good or bad thing???

—Barton, United States


Dear Barton,

Actually, we usually recommend that people not lie down when they meditate. The experience of true meditation involves feeling very awake, aware, and energized, along with feeling deeply calm and uplifted. When most people lie down to meditate, they enter a slightly dreamy place, which is less aware, not more aware, and a little subconscious (though they are not sleeping)..

As for your specific experience, people describe many different things that happen when they are starting to meditate. Unless there’s something life-threatening, it’s best not to make much of these little sensations. You will probably notice that they will change from meditation to meditation.

It’s better to bring your attention to the technique you are using to help you focus your mind. If you would like an excellent technique for meditation, you can learn from Ananda how to meditate.

May you find blessings and joy in your practice,