Who Is the Guru?

Nayaswami Seva

Question from daniel: When we pray why do we say, “divine mother, jesus christ, babaji, lahiri, yukteswarji, AND OUR BELOVED GURU Paramhansa Yogananda”. If they are all masters and all one with divine mothers’ infinite expression, then why are they not all our gurus? what makes yoganada the specific guru? Thank you kindly.


How to develop intuition

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Shailesh: I have read many times about intutive guidance in articles of our line of gurus and about meditating on problems to seek solutiion. How to use it? Can you send me methodology/article on the way to do this.


Meditation aids

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from Suzanne Pourmoneshi: My friend, a zen meditator, suggested that I use some meditating CDs during my Hong-Sau routine that produce Delta Wave patterns, teaching the mind to reach deep meditation levels very quickly. Should I feel guilty about “cheating” on my spiritual journey, or should I feel content knowing that I still meditate with discipline, devotion, and a love for God? Please…


How to find your spiritual path

Nayaswami Pranaba

Question from Michael Kutzin: Is it inconsistent with the teachings of Yogananda to also study Tibetan Buddhism or shamanistic practices? Also, I find myself having a great deal of resistance when I hear someone refer to Yoganada as “Master.” To me, it implies slavery. I have far less difficuly referring to him as a guru. Will this difficulty ultimately prevent me from becoming a…