Are My Misfortunes the Result of Kriya Yoga?

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from Lijo joseph: Hi am 32 old, catholic, and live with my mother. I took kriya initiation from YSS 1 year back and am facing many problems. I’m afraid, after entering into this path, many misfortunes are visiting me one by one. After one year I began to learn the lessons, my father passed away suddenly, then after 2 years I got married…

AUM: The Melody of Love

AUM: The Melody of Love

We have all heard of the sacred word AUM, and heard it chanted as a mantra by meditators. But what is AUM, and what does it signify? This book takes readers on a journey into the deeper teachings of AUM and the blissful realizations that await those who access this expansive sound vibration.