Are My Misfortunes the Result of Kriya Yoga?


Hi am 32 old, catholic, and live with my mother. I took kriya initiation from YSS 1 year back and am facing many problems. I'm afraid, after entering into this path, many misfortunes are visiting me one by one. After one year I began to learn the lessons, my father passed away suddenly, then after 2 years I got married and within one month she left me and filed many false cases against me and demands money to withdraw the cases,now my job is at stake. why all these happens ? how i can solve ? help me.

—Lijo joseph, India


Dear Lijo,

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I want to assure you that these troubles are not the result of Kriya Yoga. Troubles come to all of us from time to time in life and a meditation practice like kriya can help strengthen our faith to accept what we can’t change and find the energy to change what we can.

Use your daily kriya practice to contact God through the guru so you can have the inner strength and guidance to move through life and difficulties with calmness, confidence and courage. Changes and disappointments always seem hurtful when they come but perhaps these are opening up your life for new directions and opportunities.

Do you stay in contact with YSS (Yogoda Satsanga Society) or Ananda? It is important to meditate with others who practice Kriya and who study the teachings of your gurus.

There are Ananda centers in many of the major cities of India. I think you would benefit from the satsang and counsel of Ananda members and acharyas.

May the light of the Masters guide your path toward freedom in God.

Nayaswami Hriman