A Technique to Dispel Negative Thoughts

Nabha Cosley

Question from Mynk: I have a problem with concentration. My mind does not remain free. As I study, negative thoughts came in my mind, and I started thinking on them this wastes my time… and in such case I don’t feel concentrated and this decreases my confidence.

A Visualization to Overcome Negative Thoughts and Habits

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Rajat Raj: Hello, I had read about about practising visualization. I also read that visualisation can be used to overcome negative thoughts. I just wanted to know a little more. How can I use it to overcome negative thoughts, negative visions/images and negative habits while practicing this visualisation technique. Thank you so much for sending the link to ask my question. I…


How To Avoid Ending Jobs Bitterly

Tyagi Jayadev

Question from Hello: I am 30, an Engineer. My career of 5+ yrs has been very unstable and I already have changed 4 jobs, every job ending in a bitter way and am unemployed now, though I am technically strong, but not apt in managing relationships. Though I have tried to improve and things seemed to be improving, but maybe something to do…

How to Practice Affirmations

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Jala: Can you please guide me on how to practice affirmations? Including, for how many times do we need to repeat them in a day. Also I would like to know if we can repeat two to three different affirmations in a day. In what way the affirmations influence our subconscious mind and how can we manifest our desires? Thank You