A Visualization to Overcome Negative Thoughts and Habits



I had read about about practising visualization. I also read that visualisation can be used to overcome negative thoughts. I just wanted to know a little more. How can I use it to overcome negative thoughts, negative visions/images and negative habits while practicing this visualisation technique.

Thank you so much for sending the link to ask my question. I am really grateful for the help extended by the members of the Ananda family.

—Rajat Raj, India


Dear Rajat,

I’m sorry for not answering sooner. The practice of visualizations can be very important as they take the mind away from the thoughts that it generates and focuses the mind on what you want it to think. If the visualizations are done enough, the negative thinking will go.

So, to quote The Art and Science of Raja Yoga by Swami Kriyananda,

In meditation, mentally cast all your limitations — of thought, desire, and self-will — into a divine fire to be melted and purified into cosmic wisdom and love. Affirm mentally, I cast my thoughts, desires, and all past karma into Thy flames of love. Make me whole! Makes me pure! Make me one with Thee!

It might help you also to build an actual fire, and to place bits of wood into it, or to cast into it grains of rice, feeling each time you do so that you are casting from your heart some egoic imperfection.

A prayer that you can carry with you always is “I am Thine; be Thou mine!” This prayer is to the One Source that can help you the most. When you just start to feel negative emotions entering your mind, pray to Him with deep devotion “I am Thine; be Thou mine!” And then also cast into your mental fire all your negative thoughts. Fill your mind then with positive thinking.

You can keep positive thoughts if you keep your mind at the point between the eyebrows (the seat of positive thinking) and do something to affirm your new thinking. In positive actions you will soon lose the taste and desire for negative thoughts. Positive actions may be helping another person. So many people need love and blessings. Be the great soul that gives it to them. Help them in their daily needs. There is so much in this world that is crying for light and love. Chase away those negative thoughts by saying, “I don’t believe in you any longer. I believe only in the light and the love that flows through from God to all souls, even those who hurt me.” Joy will enter your heart.

May God and the masters bless you in your endeavors to be free from negativity.

Joy to you,