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Time of Passing

Dear Devika, There are many books and stories of those seeing or hearing loved ones coming to help passing of the soul. Two books come to mind: Proof of Heaven and Testimony of Light. Both books are excellent not only ... Read More

The Restless Mind

Dear Debasish, It is common for the restless mind, that we all seem to have, to be constantly moving to other thoughts. It is difficult to concentrate on one thing alone. You totally concentrate when you are extremely interested in ... Read More

Spiritual Eye

Dear Adit, The Third Eye or the Christ-Consciousness Center is the positive pole for enlightenment, for divine awakening. It is the natural place of concentration. Paramhansa Yogananda teaches us to focus our attention there in a relaxed manner. Since our ... Read More

Restless Mind

Dear Jack, This is a common dilemma we all have, but you can get calm and feel the joy of meditation. To start with you must know that even with restlessness in meditation where it seems nothing is happening, you ... Read More

How Can I Overcome My Fear?

Dear Roopa, Many blessings to you. This is a difficult situation for you, and you bring up a subject that many people face. Fear is a negative emotion that blocks our ability to see things clearly, objectively. It blocks our ... Read More

How to Connect with a Guru Who Is “Not in the Body”

Dear Vaibhav, An excellent question as finding a guru is very difficult. Swami Kriyananda, who is a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, often said that we need to have at least one physical touch with the guru. He would qualify ... Read More

A Visualization to Overcome Negative Thoughts and Habits

Dear Rajat, I’m sorry for not answering sooner. The practice of visualizations can be very important as they take the mind away from the thoughts that it generates and focuses the mind on what you want it to think. If ... Read More

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