Do We Have to Die in the Astral World to Be Born in This One?



I was wondering when you die the astral body or soul goes to the spiritual world. But the question is when you get born again and your soul goes into a new body. Does that mean you die in the astral world. To be reincarnated again do you need to die in the astral plane ?. Or is it that you just automatically get reborn after a certain time. ?

—Elijah, europe


Dear Elijah,

I find your question to be quite mental — a question that is fun to contemplate, not really needed to pursue enlightenment, but interesting.

And Paramhansa Yogananda does talk a great deal about the three worlds our souls are enclosed within. You will find this extensively covered in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi, Chapter 43, Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar. Let’s go direct to what he says about astral death:

Physical death is attended by the disappearance of breath and the disintegration of fleshly cells. Astral death consists of the disbursement of lifetrons, those manifest units of energy which constitute the life of astral beings…Experiencing astral death in due time, a being thus passes from the consciousness of astral birth and death to that of physical birth and death. These recurrent cycles of astral and physical encasement are the ineluctable destiny of all unenlightened beings.

Yogananda does state that reincarnating from the astral world to the physical world is determined by one’s karma. Our karma also determines into what astral plane we go to.

Therefore, dear friend, do spend your time and energy meditating, diving deep into the thought of God, opening your heart to Him, and serve Him in others. Also read this thrilling chapter in the Autobiography of a Yogi.

Joy to you,