How Can I Overcome My Fear?


2013 one astrologer said to me that for my husband march 2016 is a bad time etc etc This is haunting me. I am not getting concentration during meditation and at night also i feel very tensed. How will i overcome my fear? How can i get in tune with guru so that i can live my life fearless and in which way i should pray to guru for his blessings.

—Roopa, India


Dear Roopa,

Many blessings to you. This is a difficult situation for you, and you bring up a subject that many people face.

Fear is a negative emotion that blocks our ability to see things clearly, objectively. It blocks our ability to hear answers to problems and keeps us from hearing the guru, from bringing positive solutions into our lives. Positive solutions are always there if one can become calm enough to perceive them.

Being calm in all situations is the key. Also, being objective and receptive to answers that are there for us to perceive is a must. Meditation is ultimately the answer, but as you pointed out meditations are hard when the emotions are strong. Swami Kriyananda wrote in The Art and Science of Raja Yoga that to calm emotions you need to do deep breathing, slowly and with concentration. This helps to unlock the tension that has built up in your body. Do deep breathing techniques many times a day especially when you feel tension and fear.

He suggested doing the yoga posture known as Savasana, the corpse pose. You need to become aware of your body and aware of tension so that you can relax in those areas. Savasana is the supreme relaxation pose. Here’s how to do it:

Lie flat on the floor in a straight line. To become aware of the tension in the body, inhale, tense the whole body, and then throw the breath out. Do this three or four time. Then lie still becoming aware of your breath. Watch the breath coming and going into the body. As you feel more and more relaxed feel your consciousness at the point between the eyebrows. Continue to go deeper into relaxation by feeling your body surrounded by space. Rest in the infinite ocean of eternal joy. There is nothing in eternity but the Right Here, the Right Now. Affirm mentally: “Bones, muscles, movement I surrender now; anxiety, elation and depression, churning thoughts: All these I give into the hands of peace.” Keep this affirmation going to convince your mind to remain calm and relaxed.

Of course as you know, you must see the problem that faces you and then give it all to God and Guru. Since you cannot alter what may be coming, you can pray for God’s will be done. Spend time talking to your Guru, mentally if not in person, about the situation. Then you must let it all go. Be open to answers but let the Guru handle the outcome. Whatever comes of itself, let it come. Know that God and Guru are on your side and will help you in whatever situation comes. They are always there for you and your husband.

When tension comes do the Savasana pose, then meditate as you can, and then do some activity that will take your mind off of the problem. Usually helping someone else will bring joy to you. Stop the negative emotion immediately as it starts to come into your consciousness. Trust in God and Guru. Live in joy, not fear.

Many blessings to you,