Fear in Meditation; Mr. Honest and Mr. Sham


i lived all my life according to gita. still i feel afraid inside. especialy if i do any meditation. plz tell me why it is so difficult to live truthfully while false people are thriving.

—sachin, india


Dear Sachin,

I’m sorry to hear about the fears you are facing. I would need additional information in order to be able to give more than general answer. If you feel to provide more detail, please post another question and we will reply to you privately.

The general thoughts I can offer are: have you read Autobiography of a Yogi? It is available for free and can help with many fears. Also, you could try meditating with a friend whom you trust. Or you could take a meditation class and get guidance from an instructor. Ananda, for example, offers classes on-line, as well as in India.

I appreciate your question, “Why is it so difficult to live truthfully while false people are thriving?” This is one of the hardest tests on the spiritual path. To answer this question, Yogananda told a wonderful story about Mr. Honest and Mr. Sham. Click here to read it on-line. I hope you find it helpful.

You might also find encouragement in other Clarity articles in the “Money & Prosperity” section. To study more deeply the subjects of karma and money magnetism, try (for free) Lesson 2 of Swami Kriyananda’s course, Success and Happiness through Yoga Principles.

Sachin, I hope things turn around for you soon. May God ever bless you.