Spiritual Eye


Hello what is role of third eye in spirituality Also tell me is it dangerous to activate third eye?

I close my eyes and focus on breath and then i can hear a sound of a flute. what i am doing can it be called meditation? Can i activate my third eye using my method that is by closing eyes, focusing on breath and then i can hear sound of my chakras?

—Adit Goyal, India


Dear Adit,

The Third Eye or the Christ-Consciousness Center is the positive pole for enlightenment, for divine awakening. It is the natural place of concentration. Paramhansa Yogananda teaches us to focus our attention there in a relaxed manner. Since our teachings encourage us to keep our attention as much as possible on the Spiritual Eye, it, therefore, is not dangerous to activate this center.

The sound of the flute that you hear is a sound from one of the Chakras in your body. The Third Eye being the uppermost Chakra. The energy of enlightenment for most of us is located at the base of the spine but when awakened travels to the Third Eye. The process of awakening is through meditation and concentration (without strain) on the Third Eye or Spiritual Eye. In this process of meditation you will hear also the sounds of the other chakras.

To fully understand this very deep and complex part of the Yogic path, please do learn more through our online program (www.ananda.org) or you might, since being in India, get books and classes through our Center in India — anandaindia.org.

Many blessings, seva