How to Connect with a Guru Who Is “Not in the Body”


Almost all religions talked about the importance of Guru. The Guru help his disciples to overcome their karmas, take some of the bad karmas and assist them to connect with god.

Practically, it is very very difficult to have a true guru. My Question is, is it necessary that a Guru should be in Physical form(and not in subte form). Can a guru help his disciple without having a physical body?

—Vaibhav, India


Dear Vaibhav,

An excellent question as finding a guru is very difficult. Swami Kriyananda, who is a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, often said that we need to have at least one physical touch with the guru. He would qualify that by saying that touch could come from a close disciple of the guru who is in tune with him. The disciple needs to be a channel for him.

If you do not have a physical connection of some sort, you might find that your decisions in life are guided only by your ego and your desires. A guru guides you on the path to help you eliminate the ego’s direction, which is to keep engrossing you in worldly pursuits. We want to break away from these pursuits so that we can see the Divine everywhere.

If you know who your guru is and he is not in the body, constantly talk with him mentally, meditate on his image and draw his subtle energy to you. In this way, he will help you find the person that will give you that touch. He will also guide you by being in tune with him. Listening to his subtle guidance and acting on it is very important. In the action always check to be sure you are going in the right direction.

Joy to you,